Monday, November 29, 2010

Let the competition begin...

Okay, so we have finally decided to start the competition here, at ILLUSION models, we are very excited, and we hope this cycle will be great!

We only had 18 sign-ups, so everyone that signed up is currently in the contest, and has a chance to win!
The models are:

Lisa - IrishLily09                                 RING/S
Jennifer - hotgirl1501                        NECKLACE/S
Bruno - brunoexclusive                       EARRINGS
Vicky - Princessvx                               BRACELET/S
Denisse - ophelia_smith                      HAIR ACCESSORIES
Isabella - Hotangel9                            EARRINGS
Matilde - Maddie_fashion                    RING/S
Danae -  mini_casie                             HAIR ACCESSORIES
Lily - MissDancer853                           NECKLACE/S
SinĂ©ad - sd_is_da_best                       BRACELET/S
Christine - Gweneee                            EARRINGS
Jen -  jessijenni                                  EARRINGS
Ana - MIssAnokax96                             RING/S
Mihaela - Avril14140                           HAIR ACCESSORIES
Chelsea - KCarmae                              NECKLACE/S
Ioana - iovanca                                    BRACELET/S
Alice - Alice2078                                 RING/S
Risa - Candy_blossom                          EARRING/S

For the task this week, you need to show off some JEWELERY, as you can probably see above, each one of you has a type of Jewelry.

You MUST make scenery in the club and name it " Coco- Task 1- RING"   <<<<< That's just an example, you have to put your name, task number and what you have gotten. 
You CAN'T use any image editor (Photoshop, paint, etc.) to edit your scenery unless it is required.
You MUST include (in scenery comments, under your scenery) a brief description of the scenery, and a tinypic link.
NO COPYING other contestants.

Okay, well now that you have everything clear, you may start making the scenery, any person who doesn't make the scenery or doesn't make it in time, gets automatically eliminated.



Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Hello! We're so happy with the followers we have, you've made us really happy!

Well, as for the competition sign-ups, we're waiting to get a bit more, around 15-20, and then start off the competition. We also would love to have more followers, so if any of you would be so nice to write about Illusion in your blogs,we would be so grateful!
So apply in the anterior post, thanks! 

Ps. Don't forget to join the club, by going here and then clicking "Join". We already have 15 members, thanks a lot!

-Love, Coco and Laura!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Welcome and sign-ups!

Hello everyone! Thanks for following, it means so much to us!
We are hoping to get more and more followers and make Illusion the BEST modelling agency in Stardoll. Although, we're not only a modelling agency, this is also a comp, that will start very soon!


Stardoll Username:
Why do you want to join?:

You have to be a follower of this blog and the official Illusion club in stardoll. Click here to join the club!
 The prizes include:

"...and as for now we are in the midst of creating a huge competition which will include features in well known stardoll magazines, rares, stardollars and numerous features throughout the rest of the website, and as if that wasn't enough, you will also recieve the title of Stardoll's Most Beautiful, and also win an entire wardrobe chosen for you by the stylish owners."

And more!

Love, Coco and Laura <3