Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Hello! We're so happy with the followers we have, you've made us really happy!

Well, as for the competition sign-ups, we're waiting to get a bit more, around 15-20, and then start off the competition. We also would love to have more followers, so if any of you would be so nice to write about Illusion in your blogs,we would be so grateful!
So apply in the anterior post, thanks! 

Ps. Don't forget to join the club, by going here and then clicking "Join". We already have 15 members, thanks a lot!

-Love, Coco and Laura!


  1. Eh, didn't dodence_bt make that banner of yours?

  2. Not really, Laura made, it, she only used the doll Mario made, with his permission of course. :D She made all the lest.